Dancesation dance school Zillertal
Dancesation dance school Zillertal Tyrol

/// Dancing in Zillertal

There is hardly any other movement that unites humankind as much as dance. People dance in all cultures of this world. Wherever we live or spend our lives, we recognise this wonderful ritual. Dance, however, is also a sport. It is a performing art and expression of feelings. Dancing unites and brings people together. It knows no limits. Especially in this day and age, it is a wonderful opportunity to share one's joy in movement with others. Dancing means passion and joie de vivre. Regular dancing increases physical and mental health, keeps you fit and is fun.

/// For all ages...

Whether children's dance, ballet, jazz and musical dance, hip-hop or break dance. This is where it all happens. Children's dance for kids from the age of 3 is intended to inspire little ones to dance. Because as we all know, some dream of the big stage and a career as a prima ballerina from an early age. These first steps can be made at Dancesation in KABOOOM. Those who fancy learning less classical but more contemporary dance ... are also in good hands at Dancesation. Dance enthusiasts can really let off steam here and perhaps discover a new performance platform over a surface area of no less than 600m2.