Airparc Trampoline Zillertal
Airparc Zillertal Tyrol


Everyone is familiar with the fascinating pictures of freerunners in action. What looks so playfully simple, however, requires stamina, strength and oodles of coordination. Or rather, great physical discipline. It doesn't necessarily have to happen in urban space, however, for it to look so controlled and incredibly acrobatic at the same time. This trend sport is also right at home in the sports hall, at AIRPARC Zillertal.

/// Freestyle Zillertal

... is popular all year round. It is incredibly varied and exciting. No matter whether the sun shines, it rains or snows. The weather-independent AIRPARC facilitates thrilling action all year round, with an incredible room height of 10 metres. Spins, somersaults and jumps, as well as many moves and turns ensure the ultimate thrill. Freestyle acrobats and skaters, as well as parkour and gymnastic enthusiasts will all have the greatest fun in Tyrol’s largest AIRPARC. Freeskiers and snowboarders will also find perfect training conditions here. This 1,800 m2 playground is clearly the place to be. AIRPARC at KABOOOM in Zillertal: the freestyle paradise for people of every age.