Bouldering Zillertal
Climbing Zillertal Tyrol


Ever since the first competitions at the World Climbing Championships in 2001, the hype surrounding bouldering, the climbing of rocks at jump height, has flourished unbounded. There is no question that bouldering in a mountain sports-loving valley like Zillertal is at least equally intrinsic as bells are to cows. It is also no coincidence that stars of the international sports climbing world choose the Zillertal Valley over and again to prepare for competitions.


The term bouldering is basically based on the English word for a block of stone. The mix of athleticism, strength and aesthetics fills halls worldwide with stars of the competitive scene. There is no need to worry at KABOOOM however, where world-class skills are not required. Climbing shoes, comfortable clothing and a bag of magnesium should suffice for the four-metre-long bouldering wall in all levels of difficulty. Beginners as well as experienced and professional climbers meet here at eye level and the terrace offers a wonderful vantage point from which to observe the graceful movements of the climbers through a glass front.