Bistro Leisure Centre Zillertal
Bistro Zillertal Tyrol

/// Great drinks & snacks

Enjoying sport and fun makes you hungry, so thank heavens for the Restaurant at Kabooom! The restaurant area can comfortably accommodate up to 60 people in a pleasant atmosphere that encompasses 200m², where light meals and refreshing drinks replenish the body's energy reserves.

/// Open to everyone

Sport, however, is not prerequisite for enjoying the restaurant's hospitality. The bar is a great place to chat and you can chill out and relax on the terrace, which also offers the perfect vantage point for keeping an eye on the kids. And who knows, you might even be infected by the sporty spirit and get involved in some action yourself after watching a game of squash through the glass front or the bouldering antics from the terrace. No matter whether replenishing energy levels after sports, meeting friends after work or just having a nice time.