Skatepark skating Zillertal
Skating and ice rink Zillertal Tyrol

/// Ice skating rink Zillertal

The Zillertal Valley is known in winter for its multi-facetted winter sporting opportunities. After a few hours on the ski slopes, a ski tour or a snowshoe hike through the terrain, you might want to strap on pair of ice skates. Swirling over 580m2 of ice is a real pleasure. Wind down a fabulous winter’s day romantically with tea or mulled wine from the restaurant "Booomeria". And if the weather isn’t suitable for skiing, ... ice skating provides a wonderful alternative.

/// Funcourt Zillertal

Where ice skaters perform pirouettes in winter, is where inline skaters or skateboarders can be found in the warmer months of the year. They are not the only ones to be found at the asphalted KABOOOM Funcourt; freestylers and bikers enjoy the facilities too. Changing rooms with toilets are of course an integral part of the outdoor facilities in every season.