Squash in Zillertal
Squash Zillertal Tyrol

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Take yourself to your absolute sporting limits. If that is what you fancy, squash is your best bet. The trend sport from the 80s and 90s is experiencing a mini renaissance. It demands physical fitness, quick reactions, speed and intellect of its players. This dynamic racket sport is played on a squash court - in a hall that is more reminiscent of a box. The ball should be hit in such a way that the opponent is unable to reach it before it contacts the ground a second time.

/// Sport in Zillertal

Thanks to a special glass front, KABOOOM restaurant "BOOOMERIA" is a great place to watch two players (four in the doubles) compete in a squash match. The rubber ball literally ricochets off the front wall after being hit with considerable force. Ideally, the opponent should return it with equal velocity. Similar to tennis, the boundaries of the playing field have to be observed. Moreover, the ball must not be played too high or too low against the wall. If it does, it will score points for the opponent. If you play skilfully enough, however, you can use the front and side walls for a successful rebound game and score even better. After a game of squash, delicious refreshments in the restaurant next door taste twice as good.